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  16th International Conference on E-health
Networking, Application & Services
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Executive Committee

General Chairs
Augusto Venâncio Neto, Federal Univ. of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil/Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal
José Neuman de Souza, Federal Univ. of Ceará, Brazil

TPC Chairs
Joel Rodrigues, Instituto de Telecomunicações/Univ. of Beira Interior, Portugal
Hsi-Pin Ma, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Operations Chairs
Frederico Lopes, Federal Univ. of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Carlos Eduardo da Silva, Federal Univ. of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Eduardo Cerqueira, Federal Univ. of Pará, Brazil
Thais Batista, Federal Univ. of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Marjory Abreu, Federal Univ. of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

IEEE HealthCom Steering Com.
Joel Rodrigues (Chair), IT/Univ. of Beira Interior, Portugal
Tsong-Ho Wu, Ind. Tech. Research Inst., Taiwan
Pradeep Ray, Univ. of New South Wales, Australia
Norbert Noury, University of Lyon, France
Chi-Ren Shyu, Univ. Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA

Publication Chair
Norbert Noury, Université de Lyon, France

Workshop Chairs
Youssef Iraqi, Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates
Honggang Wang, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA

Tutorial Chairs
Nazim Agoulmine, Université Evry Val Essonne, France
Stefan Covaci, Technical University of Berlin

Demos Chairs
Maria Barros Weiss, Eurescom, Germany
Fabricio Brasil, Edmond and Lily Safra International Institute of Neuroscience of Natal, Brazil

Industry and Exhibition Chairs
Thomas Jell, Siemens AG Munich, Germany
Christoph Thuemmler, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
Industry Forum Chairs

Anastasius Gavras, Eurescom, Germany
Aldo Von Wangenheim, Federal Univ. of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Panel Chairs
Marcia Ito, IBM Research, Brazil
Marcelo Santos, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Web Chair
Claudio Estevez, Universidad de Chile, Chile

Brazilian Government Liaison
Mauro Oliveira, Federal Institute of Ceará, Brazil

Bruce Worthman, IEEE Communications Society, USA

Conference Manager
Bridget Erlikh, IEEE Communications Society, USA​

Branding and Graphic Design
Max Loskutnikov, IEEE Communications Society, USA

Publicity chairs
Chi-Ren Shyu, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA
Aravind Kailas, UNC Charlotte, USA
Tony Sahama, Queensland University of Technology (QUT),Australia.
Scott Fowler, Linköping University, Sweden
Michelle Wanghan, University of Vale do Itajaí, Brazil

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